TOEIC Listening Overview

TOEIC Listening Overview:

The Listening section of classic and new TOEIC Listening and Reading test is paper and pencil based, and takes about 45 minutes. It contains 100 questions, divided into four parts:
                                                  Old test                            New test
  1. Photographs                   20 questions                      10 questions 
  2. Question-Answer            30 questions                       30 questions
  3. Brief Conversation          30 questions                        30 questions
  4. Short Talks                      20 items                            30 questions
Remember also that the listening section of the New TOEIC Listening and Reading test, you will hear a variety of accents - American, Canadian, Australian and British - so you must practice listening and understanding them.
In this part, you see a picture and hear four statements about it. The same picture can represent people, things, actions and places. You must select the phrase that best describe what you see in the picture. You hear the sentences only once, and must make your choice immediately after that, otherwise you lose the information related hearing next image.
In this part, you can be asked a question about almost any subject related to people, events, place, time, emotions, reasons, opinions or activities. You need to choose the answer that makes sense.
Brief Conversation
In this part, you hear a short dialogue, followed by a brief general question about the conversation. You must then choose from four possible answers, which may be related to activity, location, relationship, or the thrill of the speakers.
Short Talks
In this part, you hear a short monologue, like a weather forecast, the ad or ads. You should then choose an answer related to the speaker, location, time, reason, or event.