IELTS Speaking Sample Topics Part 2

IELTS Speaking Module - Part 2 - Example Topics

In Part 2 of the IELTS speaking module, it is necessary to give a short talk, about 1-2 minutes on a simple theme. The questions do not require any specific knowledge, but based on personal experience. He was handed a card with the theme and you have one minute to prepare your talk. You can take notes and use these notes during his monologue. The examiner will not make the questions in this part of the test, you need to know how to respond to all parts of the question given to them and speak fluently for a few minutes for yourself. Examples of topics in the module IELTS (speaking of Part 2) below. It is likely that you will be given one of these issues, or something very similar, so make sure you can speak with confidence and clarity in each.
Describe an artist or artist you admire.
You should read:
Who are they and what do
How did you become a success
How did that
And explain why they admire
Describe a theme that you enjoyed studying in school.
You should read:
When and where he began studying it
What lessons were like
What made the subject different from other issues
And explain why you liked the theme

Describe an important decision that had to do in your life.
You should read:
When did this happen
What I had to choose between
If you made a good choice
He explains how you felt when you were making this choice
Describe the work you've done.
You should read:
How did you get the job
What the job was
How long did the work
Describe how well you did the work

Describe an area of field that know and love.
You should read:
What are its special features
What you and other people do in this area
And it explains why you like

Describe a particular object you like.
You should read:
What is and what seems
What makes the
What is
And explain why it is special for you

Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading.
You should read:
What kind of newspaper / magazine is
What parts of it that you read regularly
When and where did you read
Explain why she likes to read

Describe something healthy that you enjoy doing.
You should read:
What is done
Where you do
Who do you do with
And to explain why you think this is healthy

Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing.
You should read:
What kind of sport is
Who are you playing with
When you play
And explain why I like to play is

Describe someone in your family that you love.
You should read:
How does this person related to you
What this person seems to
What kind of person he / she is
And explain what you like about this person

Describe a museum or art gallery you've visited.
You should read:
Why were there
Most of all I remember about the place.

Describe an enjoyable event that was when they were in school.
You should read:
When it happened
What was good about it
Why especially remember this event.

Describe a song or piece of music you like.
You should read:
What the song or music is
What kind of song or music is
Where I first heard
And it explains why you like

Describe a festival that is important in your country.
You should read:
When producing the festival
What you did during the same
What do you like or dislike about it
And explain why this festival is important