Learn English Core Strategies in One Hour

Why spend endless hours going through hundreds of strategies (that you may or may not remember on the test day) when you can learn all core strategies in only one hour.

Granted that to master Reading and Writing modules of the test, you need to master both the test strategies and test foundation skills. While it can take 90 hours or more to master the fundamental skills, mastering strategies, however, takes much less time. In fact, you can master all core English reading and writing strategies in less than one hour. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Read overview of the test. It will give you a bird eye view of the test — 10 minute
  2. Download the sample test from the test official site. By reviewing the official test, you will know the test format (at this stage don't' try to practice any question) — 10 minute
  3. Go through '13 Grammar Skills to Master'. These are core grammar skills that you need to write effectively — 10 minutes.
  4. Go through 'Universal Essay Writing Strategy'. It would help you to write an essay on any topic under test condition in 20 minute or less — 10 minute
  5. Go through '100 roots you should know to add 100,000 words'. This vocabulary strategy will help you add 100,000+ words fast — 10 minute
  6. Go through 'How to Master Reading Module Fast' — 10 minute

As you can see, it will take about an hour the first time you will go through all above steps to learn about the test and all core strategies.

If you have time, go through all core strategies every day for 5 days. It will help you to retain all core strategies into your long term memory. After that, just go through it each time before taking official practice test.