TOEFL Listening Module

Module 2.. Listening:
The Listening section of TOEFL iBT measures your ability to understand conversations and lectures in English.
In this part of the TOEFL iBT, you will find two types of language:
  • Informal, non-academic, and conversational - in the form of typical conversations on campus - for example, between two students, a student and a teacher, etc.
  • Formal and academic - in the form of lectures in various fields of study such as natural sciences, social sciences, arts and business. 
Once more, you don't need any special knowledge to do well in this section.
The listening section consists of 2-3 whole passages of conversation and lectures 4-6. This takes about 40-60 minutes to complete and you many get some additional experimental passages to listen. You can listen to conversations and lectures once, but are allowed to take notes. While listening, you will see the questions that appear on the screen.