TOEFL Writing Module

Module 4.. Writing:


The last section of the TOEFL iBT is the writing, which has a total of 50 minutes. This section measures your ability to communicate clearly in writing and composing well-organized essays using correct grammar, spelling, vocabulary and sentence structure.


You get two types of writing assignments:


  • Integrated
  • Independent


In the TOEFL integrated writing section you will be given a short reading passage and the passage to listen on the same topic. You can take notes during this time. Then you will be given 20 minutes to write an essay of about 150 to 225 words, explaining how the listening step should support the reading passage or in contradiction with the reading.


The second part of the TOEFL writing section is the independent test. You are given a theme, and you have 30 minutes to write an essay of approximately 4-5 paragraphs or 300-350 words. For keywords of transition and testing strategies that can earn a higher score on the independent test, see the writing section.