Use This Strategy To Add Thousands New Words Fast

By knowing these prefix, roots, and suffix, you will able know many more thousands words containing these prefixs, roots, and suffixs.

Following are some of the most useful prefixes:

By knowing these 60 prefixes, you will able know the meanings of many more thousands words containing these prefixes.

Prefix Meanings
1 ab: from Ex: aberration
2 ad:—-see also ac, af, ag, al, ap, as, at to Ex: adequate
3 ambi: both Ex: ambidextrous
4 an:—-see also a: without Ex: anarchy
5 anti: against Ex: antipathetic
6 ante: before Ex: antecedent
7 be: throughout Ex:belie
8 bi: two Ex:bilateral
9 cata: down Ex: catacomb
10 circum: around Ex:circumscribe
11 com—-see also con, col, cor, cog, co: together Ex: confluence
12 contra: against Ex: contravene
13 de: down (negative) Ex: debase
14 deca: ten Ex: decathlon
15 decem: ten Ex: decimal
16 di: two Ex: digraph
17 dia: through, between Ex: dialectic
18 dis: apart (negative) Ex: disparity
19 du: two Ex: duplicate
20 dys: abnormal Ex: dysphoria
21 epi: upon Ex: epicenter
22 equi: equal Ex: equitable
23 ex: out Ex: extricate
24 extra: beyond Ex: extraterrestrial
25 fore: in front of Ex: foreword
26 hemi: half Ex: hemisphere
27 hyper: excessive Ex: hyperbole
28 hypo: too little Ex: hypothermia
29 in—-see also ig, il, im, ir: not Ex: inefficient
30 in—-see also il, im, ir in: very Ex: invite, inflammable
31 inter: between Ex: interloper
32 intro—-see also intra inside Ex: introspective
33 kilo: one thousand Ex: kilogram
34 meta: changing Ex: metaphysics
35 micro: small Ex: microcosm
36 mili—-see also milli: one thousand Ex: millipede
37 mis: bad, hate Ex: misanthrope
38 mono: one Ex: monopoly
39 multi: many Ex: multifarious
40 neo: new Ex: neophyte
41 nil—-see also nihil: nothing Ex: nihilism
42 non: not Ex: nonentity
43 ob—-see also oc, of, op: against Ex: obstinate
44 pan: all Ex: panegyric
45 para: beside Ex: paranormal
46 per: throughout Ex: permeate
47 peri: around Ex: periscope
48 poly: many Ex: polyglot
49 post: after Ex: posterity
50 pre: before Ex: predecessor
51 prim: first Ex: primitive
52 pro: forward Ex:procession
53 quad: four Ex: quadruple
54 retro: backward Ex: retrograde
55 semi: half Ex: semiliterate
56 sub—-see also suc, suf, sug, sup, sus under Ex: succumb
57 super—-see also supra: above Ex: superannuated
58 syn—-see also sym, syl: together Ex: synthesis
59 trans: across Ex: transgression
60 un: not Ex: unkempt

140 Most Useful Roots to Know

By knowing these 140 roots, you will able know the meanings of many more thousands words containing these roots.

Root Meaning/Exmaple
1 ac bitter, sharp Ex: acrid, accid
2 agog leader Ex: demagogue
3 agri— see also agrari field Ex: agriculture
4 ali other Ex: alienate
5 alt high Ex: altostratus
6 alter other Ex: alternative
7 am love Ex: amiable
8 anim soul Ex: animadversion
9 anthrop man, people Ex: anthropology
10 arch ruler Ex: monarch
11 aud hear Ex: auditory
12 auto self Ex:autocracy
13 belli war Ex: bellicose
14 ben good Ex: benevolence
15 biblio book Ex: bibliophile
16 bio life Ex: biosphere
17 cap take Ex: caprice
18 capit head Ex: capitulate, capital
19 carn flesh Ex: incarnate
20 ced go Ex: accede
21 celer swift Ex: accelerate
22 cent one hundred Ex: centurion
23 chron time Ex: chronology
24 cide cut, kill Ex: fratricide
25 cit to call Ex: recite
26 civ citizen Ex: civility
27 cord heart Ex: cordial
28 corp body Ex: corporeal
29 cosm universe Ex: cosmopolitan
30 crat power Ex: plutocrat
31 cred belief Ex: incredulous
32 cur to care Ex: curable
33 deb debt Ex: debit
34 dem people Ex: demagogue
35 dic to say Ex: Dictaphone
36 doc to teach Ex: doctorate
37 dynam power Ex: dynamism
38 ego I Ex: egocentric
39 err to wander Ex: errant
40 eu good Ex: euphemism
41 fac—see also fic, fec, fect to make Ex: affectation
42 fall false Ex: infallible
43 fer to carry Ex: fertile
44 fid faith Ex: confidence
45 fin end Ex; finish
46 fort strong Ex: fortitude
47 gen race, group Ex: genocide
48 geo earth Ex: geology
49 germ vital part Ex: germane
50 gest carry Ex: gesticulate
51 gnosi know Ex: prognosis
52 grad— see also gress step Ex: transgress
53 graph writing Ex: calligraphy
54 grav heavy Ex: gravitate
55 greg crowd Ex: egregious
56 habit to have, live Ex: habituate
57 hema— see also hemo blood Ex: hemorrhage
58 hetero different Ex: heterogeneous
59 homo same Ex: homogenized
60 hum earth, man Ex: humble
61 jac—see also jec throw Ex: interjection
62 jud judge Ex: judicious
63 junct—see also join combine Ex: disjunctive
64 jus—-see also jur law, to swear Ex: adjure
65 leg law Ex: legislator
66 liber free Ex: libertine
67 lic permit Ex: illicit
68 loc place Ex: location
69 log word Ex: logic
70 loqu speak Ex: soliloquy
71 macro large Ex: macrobiotics
72 magn large Ex: magnanimous
73 mal bad Ex: malevolent
74 manu by hand Ex: manuscript
75 matr mother Ex: matriarch
76 medi middle Ex: medieval
77 meter measure Ex: perimeter
78 morph form, structure Ex: anthropomorphic
79 mut change Ex: immutable
80 nat—-see also nasc born Ex: nascent
81 neg deny Ex: renegade
82 nov new Ex: innovative
83 omni all Ex: omniscient
84 oper—-see also opus work Ex: operative
85 pac—-see also plais please Ex: complaisant
86 pater—-see also patr father Ex: expatriate
87 path disease, feeling Ex: pathos
88 ped—-see also pod foot Ex: pedestal
90 phil love Ex: philanthropic
91 pict paint Ex: depict
92 poli city Ex: metropolis
93 port carry Ex: deportment
94 pos—-see also pon to place Ex: posit
95 pot power Ex: potentate
96 put think Ex: computer
97 rect—-see also reg straight Ex: rectitude
98 ridi—-see also risi laughter Ex: derision
99 rog beg Ex: interrogate
100 rupt break Ex: interruption
101 sanct holy Ex: sanctimonious
102 sangui blood Ex: sanguinary
103 sat enough Ex: satiate
104 sci know Ex: conscience
105 scrib—-see also script to write Ex: circumscribe
106 sequ—-see also secu follow Ex: sequence
107 simil—-see also simul resembling Ex: simile
108 solv—-see also solut loosen Ex: absolve
109 soph wisdom Ex: unsophisticated
110 spec look Ex: circumspect
111 spir breathe Ex: aspire
112 strict—-see also string bind Ex: astringent
113 stru build Ex: construe
114 tact—-see also tang, tig touch Ex: intangible
115 techni skill Ex: technique
116 tempor time Ex: temporal
117 ten hold Ex: tenacious
118 term end Ex: interminable
119 terr earth Ex: extraterrestrial
120 test to witness Ex; testimony
121 the god Ex: theocracy
122 therm heat Ex: thermodynamics
123 tom cut Ex: epitome
124 tort—-see also tors twist Ex: distortion
125 tract draw, pull Ex: abstract
126 trib bestow Ex: attribute
127 trud—-see also trus push Ex: protrude
128 tuit—-see also tut teach Ex: intuitive
129 ultima last Ex: penultimate
130 ultra beyond Ex: ultraviolet
131 urb city Ex: urbane
132 vac empty Ex: vacuous
134 ven come Ex: adventure
135 ver true Ex: veracity
136 verb word Ex: verbose
137 vest clothe Ex: travesty
138 vic change Ex: vicissitude
139 vit—-see also viv alive Ex: vivacious
140 voc voice Ex: vociferous
141 vol

wish Ex: volition


1 –able, –ible: capable of
2 –ate, –ify,–efy, –ize, –ise: make
3 –cess, –cede: to go, yield
4 –cide: to kill
5  –cis: cut
6  –ette, –illo: little
7 –ist a person
8 –logy, –ology: study
9 –ous: full of