TOEIC Practice Test1 Listening Q1-10 Track 190-199

TOEIC Practice Test1 Listening Audio

Credit: TOEIC Test Prep by Learning Express


For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements are available in audio files or written transcripts.

Answer Key is at the end of the page.

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1. b. The man is on an airplane flight. The man is using the device without any indication that it is broken, so the answer is not choice a. He is on an airplane, not a bus, so choice c is incorrect. The coffee is upright on the table, so choice d is not correct.

2. d. The woman is preparing to give her check and credit card to the waiter. The women are inside the restaurant, so it is not closed, making choice c incorrect. The answer is not choice a because the woman is paying the check and so did not forget it. The answer is not choice b because the food is already on the table.

3. b. The photo shows a businessman taking inventory in a warehouse. None of the boxes appears to be damaged, so choice d is not correct. The shelves are functioning correctly, making choice a incorrect. There is no injured woman in the photo, so choice c is not an appropriate answer.

4. a. The children are smiling and splashing in the pool. They seem to be happy and having fun. Choice b is incorrect because the photo does not show a picnic. The picture does not indicate that a hotel has good rates, so the answer is not choice c. Choice d is also incorrect because no one in the picture is running.

5. d. There are no people inside the examining room at the doctor's office, making choices b and c both incorrect. The curtain is open, so choice a is not correct.

6. b. The woman is exercising using a machine at the gym. She is not playing soccer or preparing a healthy meal, so choices c and d are incorrect. The two women shown seem to be exercising independently, so they are not cooperating, and choice a is not the correct answer choice.

7. d. She is giving a presentation. She has already prepared for the meeting so choice a is not the answer. She is neither closing a book nor ironing her suit, so choices b and c are also incorrect.

8. a. The receptionist is talking on the telephone, or is "on the phone," as Americans say. She has not hung up the phone yet in this photograph, so choice b is incorrect. She is not turning off the computer;  she is typing on it, so choice c is also incorrect. You can not tell from the picture anything about an  appointment cancellation, so choice d is not the correct one.

9. c. This family is playing a board game. They are not eating dinner together or shopping for a sofa, so choices b and a are both incorrect. The family is also not putting away any toys, so choice d is also  incorrect.

10. b. The woman is inside a grocery store. She is not buying furniture; she is buying groceries, so the  answer is not choice c. There are no bananas in her cart, making choice d incorrect.