TOEIC Practice Test1 Listening Q41-70 Track 230-269


Credit: TOEIC Test Prep by Learning Express

You will hear conversations between two people. You will be asked to answer four questions about what the speakers say in each conversation.

Select the best response to each question and mark your choice—a, b, c, or d—on your answer sheet.

The conversations are available in audio files or written transcripts.

Now, listen to track 230.


41. Now, listen to Track 231.


Why does the man need the new catalog?
a. to buy a new sweater
b. to look for a new supplier
c. to complete the March order
d. to be ready for the new year


42. Now, listen to Track 232.


What is the man worried about?
a. that the supplier will not have the materials
he needs in stock
b. that the supplier has gone out of business
c. that the supplier has raised prices
d. that the new catalog is wrong


43. Now, listen to Track 233.


When do they decide is the best time to call
about the new catalog?
a. tomorrow
b. today
c. after checking on the backorder
d. in March


Now, listen to Track 234.


44. Now, listen to Track 235.

How does the man feel about the company
hiring a new worker?
a. excited
b. nervous
c. resentful
d. proud


45. Now, listen to Track 236. 


When is the company interviewing?
a. next month
b. Interviews are over.
c. the end of the month
d. currently


46. Now, listen to Track 237. 


Who was present at the interview?
a. the man
b. the woman
c. Fred
d. three new workers


Now, listen to Track 238.

47. Now, listen to Track 239. 


What is the woman looking for?
a. information about major hotel chains
b. a new client
c. advice on where to eat out in Denver
d. a hotel recommendation


48. Now, listen to Track 240.


What is The Ridge?
a. a small independent hotel
b. a mountain
c. a coworker
d. a national hotel chain


49. Now, listen to Track 241.


Why is the woman going to Denver?
a. for a wedding
b. for a conference
c. to meet with a new client
d. to meet the regional director


Now, listen to Track 242.



50. Now, listen to Track 243.


What is the man's concern?
a. that the company forgot his bonus
b. that he got Peter's paycheck
c. that his paycheck bounced
d. that his paycheck was for the wrong amount


51. Now, listen to Track 244.


Why is Peter out of the office?
a. for a funeral
b. because his wife is having surgery
c. for a conference
d. because he is ill


52. Now, listen to Track 245.


In what department does Peter work?
a. sales
b. collections
c. accounting
d. human resources


Now, listen to Track 246.



53. Now, listen to Track 247.


Where is the new restaurant?
a. on the floor below the office
b. near Luke's apartment
c. near the office
d. across town


54. Now, listen to Track 248.


Why can't they go to lunch today?
a. The man brought his lunch from home.
b. The man has plans already.
c. It is not a nice day to walk.
d. The restaurant won't be open until


55. Now, listen to Track 249.


Who will invite Kristin?
a. the man who is speaking
b. the woman who is speaking
c. Luke
d. Sandra


Now, listen to Track 250.


56. Now, listen to Track 251.


Where is Meredith?
a. at home in bed
b. away on business
c. in the office
d. at the doctor's office


57. Now, listen to Track 252.


How long has Meredith been gone?
a. all day
b. all week
c. two weeks
d. all month


58. Now, listen to Track 253.


Which of the following is Meredith not doing
to recover?
a. resting
b. taking antibiotics
c. eating spaghetti
d. drinking ginger tea


Now, listen to Track 254.



59. Now, listen to Track 255.


Why does the man buy vegetables at the
farmers' market?
a. because they are beautiful
b. because they are fresh
c. because they are inexpensive
d. because they lack flavor


60. Now, listen to Track 256.


When does the man go to the farmers' market?
a. after work on Thursdays
b. Saturday mornings
c. anytime he needs vegetables
d. during the company party


61. Now, listen to Track 257.


What did the man bring to the company party?
a. a fresh fruit tray
b. vegetable dip
c. pasta
d. vegetable pastries


Now, listen to Track 258.



62. Now, listen to Track 259.


What does the company need to buy?
a. umbrellas
b. hard hats
c. rain suits
d. gloves


63. Now, listen to Track 260.


Why do the men need to hurry with their
a. The inventory is incomplete.
b. The rainy season is about to begin.
c. The construction project is almost finished.
d. The purchase orders are due.


64. Now, listen to Track 261.


Where can he look to find out what else the
company needs to order?
a. the warehouse
b. online
c. the inventory spreadsheet
d. the list on his desk


Now, listen to Track 262.



65. Now, listen to Track 263.


Who did Pat call to try to resolve the problem?
a. the technical support line
b. the director
c. the administrative assistant
d. the archivist


66. Now, listen to Track 264.


Why might the man need to work late?
a. to fix the database
b. to fix the router
c. to finish the report
d. to wait for the technician


67. Now, listen to Track 265.


What does the man need in order to complete
his work?
a. access to the archives
b. The most recent data from the database
c. a computer disk to back up his work
d. help from Pat


Now, listen to Track 266.



68. Now, listen to Track 267.

Where is the conference?
a. at a hotel
b. in a faraway city
c. close to where she lives
d. at the convention center


69. Now, listen to Track 268.


Why can't the woman drive home on Sunday?
a. She doesn't like to drive at night.
b. She has an important meeting at that time.
c. She doesn't have a car.
d. The hotels are all booked.


70. Now, listen to Track 269.


How does the coworker solve her problem?
a. by renting a car
b. by sharing a room
c. by carpooling
d. by leaving on Saturday


41. c. The man needs the new catalogue to complete the March order. Immediately after asking whether the catalogue has come yet, he goes on to explain that he is putting together the March order. Choice b is incorrect because, while he does mention looking for a new supplier, that idea comes up in a different context. Choices a and d are also incorrect because the man does not mention the new year or buying a sweater.

42. a. The man expresses concern that J&R Supply "often run[s] out of stock." The man says that J&R has the best prices, so choice c is incorrect. The dialogue mentions nothing about the supplier going out of business or the catalog being wrong, so choices b and d are also incorrect.

43. b. At the end of the dialogue the man says that he will call about the catalog today. All other answers are incorrect.

44. a. When he hears about the candidate for the position, the man says, "I am excited to hear that. It is always nice to have new ideas around." He does not mention feeling nervous, resentful or proud, making choices b, c, and d incorrect.
45. d. The woman tells the man that the company has already started interviewing. This means that they have started and have not finished. Choices a and c respond as if they have not started, and choice b responds as if they have finished, making these three choices incorrect.

46. c. The woman is telling the man about the interviews based on what she heard from Fred. She begins talking about the candidates by saying, "Fred told me." This means that she was not there, and the fact that he is asking means that the man speaking was not there, so choices a and b are incorrect. The three new workers have not yet been hired, so they could not have been at the interview either.

47. d. The woman asks, "Can you recommend a hotel?" Choice a is incorrect because when the second woman mentions the major hotel chains, the first woman responds that the small independent hotel is what she had in mind. Choice b is not the best choice because the woman already has a new client and is going to Denver to meet with him. Choice c is not a good choice because the woman is asking where to stay, not where to eat.

48. a. The woman says that she stayed in a "small independent hotel called The Ridge." A small independent hotel is not a national chain, so choice d is wrong. Choices b and c are also incorrect, as neither is mentioned in reference to The Ridge.

49. c. The woman states, "I am flying to Denver next month to meet with a new client." She explicitly gives that as her reason for going to Denver. No other answer choice gives that as the reason, so all other answer choices are incorrect.

50. d. The man is worried because his paycheck was for the wrong amount. He says, "I was overpaid by two hundred dollars." Choice a is not correct because he received more than he expected, not less. He does not mention that he got the wrong person's paycheck, or that it bounced, making choices b and c incorrect.

51. b. Peter is out of the office because his wife is having surgery. The first man says, "I thought that Peter was out this week. Isn't his wife having surgery?" And the second man responds, "You're right." The dialogue does not mention a funeral, a conference, or illness, so the other choices are incorrect.

52. d. Peter works in the human resources department, as the second speaker indicates by saying, "talk to Peter in the human resources department." While it sounds logical that a person in accounting might know about a paycheck, the speaker explicitly states that Peter is in human resources, thus choice c is incorrect. The dialogue does not mention anything about the sales or collections departments, so the answer is not choice a or b.

53. c. The woman says the restaurant is "down the street" and the man suggests that they walk to the restaurant. Both of these indicate that the restaurant is near their office. These same two quotes rule out the possibility that the restaurant is on the floor below or across town, so the answer is not choice a or d.

54. b. The man can't go to lunch today because he has plans already. He is having lunch with a client. He did not bring his own lunch, so choice a is incorrect. The dialogue says nothing about whether it is a nice day to walk, so choice c is incorrect. The dialogue begins with the woman noticing that the restaurant is open, so choice d is also wrong.

55. b. The woman will invite Kristin. She says at the end that she will invite all three of the office friends that they mention. The other three answer choices are people who have not volunteered to invite the others.

56. a. The second speaker says that Meredith is sick and resting in bed, with her husband caring for her. She is not away on business; the first speaker asks if she is away on business and gets the reply "No," so choice b is not correct. She is not in the office; the first speaker states that he has not seen her all week. She is not at the doctor's office; the reported conversation suggests that she went to the doctor and returned home with antibiotics, so choice d is not the best one. 

57. b. The first speaker says that he hasn't seen Meredith all week. The dialogue does not mention that she has been gone for two weeks or a month, so choices c and d are both incorrect.

58. c. Meredith is not eating spaghetti to recover from her illness. He husband has made her chicken noodle soup and ginger tea, but not spaghetti. The dialogue does mention that she is resting, taking antibiotics, and that her husband made her ginger tea, so choices a, b and d are incorrect choices.

59. b. The man states, "I like to shop at the farmers' market. It doesn't have the same variety as the supermarket, but the vegetables are always fresh." Choices a and d are incorrect because the woman, not the man, mentions the beauty and lack of flavor at the supermarket, not the farmers' market. No one mentions the price of the vegetables, so choice c is also not correct.

60. a. The man says about the market, "It's in the lot across the street from the public library on Thursday evenings. I usually stop in there right after work." Markets often take place on Saturday mornings, but this one is on Thursday, so choice b is not right. The man brought food to the party, so he was not at the market then, making choice d incorrect. He gives a specific time that he shops at the market, so choice c is also not right.

61. d. The man brought vegetable pastries to the party. We know this because the woman says, "The vegetable pastries  you brought to the company party were wonderful." None of the other answer choices are mentioned in the dialogue, so  the others are incorrect.

62. c. The company needs to buy rain suits. The first speaker says that he noticed that the company was running low on rain suits and needed to reorder. He does not mention umbrellas, hard hats, or gloves.

63. b. The man says, "With the rainy season just around the corner, we had better hurry up and reorder." He does not mention whether the inventory is complete, so choice a is incorrect. Nowhere in the dialogue is there mention of a construction project or purchase order, so choices c and d are also not good choices.

64. d. When the second speaker asks if there is anything else the company needs, the first speaker replies, "I made a list and left it on your desk." He does not mention an inventory spreadsheet, so choice c is incorrect, and he has already checked the warehouse, so choice a is not the best choice.
65. a. The dialogue states, "Pat has been on the phone with the technical support person all morning trying to get it fixed." It does not mention that Pat has called the director, administrative assistant, or archivist, so the other choices are incorrect.

66. c. The man needs access to the data on the database to finish his report, and says that he will have to stay late to finish if the server does not get fixed soon. He does not mention fixing the database or the router, nor does he mention  staying late to wait for the technician, so choices a, b, and d are not correct.

67.. b. The man says, "I need some of that information to finish my report. I am working from an archive right now, but I will need the most recent data to finish it." He already has an archive to work from, so choice a is incorrect. He doesn't  mention needing a disk or help from Pat, so choice c and choice d are also incorrect.

68. d. The dialogue begins with a coworker asking, "Are you going to the conference at the convention center next weekend?" The woman also mentions that the conference center is a long way outside of town, not in another city, so the answer is not choice b. The problem hinges on the convention center being far away, so choice c is not a good choice.

69. a. When asked why she can't drive back Sunday night, she says, "I prefer not to drive at night." Her meeting is on  Monday, so choice b is not a good choice. She does not mention not having a car or the hotels being booked as her reason for not driving, so choices c and d are incorrect.

70. c. When two people decide to ride together, it is called carpooling. They use this word in the dialogue to talk about  sharing a ride. None of the other answer choices is mentioned in the dialogue as a solution to the problem.