TOEIC Practice Test1 Listening Q71-100 Track 270-309


Credit: TOEIC Test Prep by Learning Express

Note: Answers are at the end.

You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer four questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark your choice—a, b, c, or d—on your answer sheet.

The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

Now, listen to Track 270.

71. Now, listen to Track 271.

What is the main purpose of this talk?
a. to set the agenda of the April 7th staff
b. to discuss changes to the insurance plan
c. to have staff mark important dates on their
d. to talk about what the company has
achieved during the month of April


72. Now, listen to Track 272.

Why is the health insurance representative
coming to the office?
a. to report on his department's progress
b. to enroll people for the regional conference
c. to discuss the calendar for April
d. to talk about changes to insurance plans


73. Now, listen to Track 273.

What will staff need to bring to the April 21st
a. a new calendar
b. a departmental report
c. a completed enrollment form
d. a completed project


Now, listen to Track 274.



74. Now, listen to Track 275.

Where would you be likely to hear this
a. the weather service hotline
b. a department store
c. an airport
d. an office


75. Now, listen to Track 276.

What is the main message in the
a. that the office was hit by a tornado
b. that the computer network went down in
the storm
c. that the office is closing early due to the
d. that the freeways will be crowded and


76. Now, listen to Track 277.

Which one of the following measures are office
workers not asked to take?
a. making hard copies of their current projects
b. unplugging electronic devices
c. removing food from refrigerators
d. Taking home the emergency calling plan


Now, listen to Track 278.



77. Now, listen to Track 279.

Who is the telephone message from?
a. the receiving department
b. a shipping company
c. a supplier
d. a customer


78. Now, listen to Track 280.


What is the problem?
a. The order will not ship out tomorrow.
b. An item in the order is out of stock.
c. The billing statement is incorrect.
d. The shipping rates have changed.


79. Now, listen to Track 281.


Why does the caller need her phone call
a. to let her know whether to cancel the
backordered item or ship it later
b. to ensure that the billing statement is
c. to confirm that the original shipment was
d. to reschedule the next day's shipment


Now, listen to Track 282.



80. Now, listen to Track 283.


To whom is this announcement directed?
a. the driver of a delivery truck
b. the driver of a green minivan
c. the workers at the unloading dock
d. everyone parked in the north parking lot


81. Now, listen to Track 284.


What is the problem?
a. A van has been towed.
b. Someone has left their lights on.
c. There has been an emergency on the
unloading dock.
d. A van is illegally parked.


82. Now, listen to Track 285. 


What is a possible consequence of this
a. an injury
b. a fine
c. new parking assignments
d. The loss of a job


Now, listen to Track 286.



83. Now, listen to Track 287. 


Who would most likely hear this message?
a. a person with a question about an invoice
b. a person with software problems
c. a person looking to register a software
d. A person wanting to buy software


84. Now, listen to Track 288.


What should the listener have available?
a. the latest statement
b. the registration agreement
c. the reference number of the order
d. the license number of the product


85. Now, listen to Track 289.


When will the listener be helped?
a. in about nine minutes
b. in exactly nine minutes
c. in about five minutes
d. in exactly five minutes


Now, listen to Track 290.



86. Now, listen to Track 291. 


Where is this talk being delivered?
a. in a staff development day
b. in a departmental meeting
c. in a conference convocation
d. in a report on Municipal Water Quality


87. Now, listen to Track 292.


What is a consequence of the floods in
a. A workshop was canceled.
b. A workshop was postponed.
c. A workshop was moved.
d. A workshop was scheduled.


88. Now, listen to Track 293.


What workshop has changed rooms?
a. "From Rain to Faucet"
b. "The Toughest Microbes"
c. "The Future of Chlorine"
d. "Piping Solutions"


Now, listen to Track 294.  


89. Now, listen to Track 295. 


What is the overall tone of this speaker?
a. self-important and boastful
b. gracious and congratulatory
c. critical and demanding
d. hopeful and consoling


90. Now, listen to Track 296.


What is the main topic on which the speaker is
a. the increase in October sales
b. the decline in October sales
c. the company's failure to meet the sales goal
d. the quarterly sales figures


91. Now, listen to Track 297.


What will happen on Friday?
a. The figures for the report will be final.
b. The employees will take the boss to lunch.
c. The company will provide lunch for the
d. The company will set new sales goals.


Now, listen to Track 298.



92. Now, listen to Track 299. 


Who is the speaker of this message?
a. a bank president
b. a recording
c. the boss
d. a loan officer


93. Now, listen to Track 300.


What is the problem?
a. The account has insufficient funds.
b. The account has exceeded its credit limit.
c. The credit card was stolen.
d. There was irregular activity on the account.


94. Now, listen to Track 301.


How can the problem be resolved?
a. by authorizing the purchase
b. by correcting the purchase order
c. by paying the fee
d. by making a deposit


Now, listen to Track 302.



95. Now, listen to Track 303. 


Where is this announcement being made?
a. on board flight 472
b. in the airport
c. in a train station
d. over the radio


96. Now, listen to Track 304.


What is the weather like in Baltimore?
a. It is snowing lightly.
b. It is clear.
c. It is snowing heavily.
d. It is raining hard.


97. Now, listen to Track 305.


What should passengers do with their boarding
a. Keep them until the flight is rescheduled.
b. Turn them in at the gate.
c. Give them to the flight attendant.
d. Take them to the desk.


Now, listen to Track 306.



98. Now, listen to Track 307. 


Which of the following best describes the talk?
a. a briefing on the end-of-year reports
b. a rant on the use of unnecessary graphs
c. a projection of future marketing figures
d. a strategy for improved communication
between departments


99. Now, listen to Track 308.


Which of the following should be excluded
from the report?
a. success stories
b. projections
c. images
d. useful graphs


100. Now, listen to Track 309.


How should the report be turned in?
a. via e-mail
b. on a floppy disk
c. in hard copy and on a CD
d. in hard copy and via e-mail



71. c. The speaker wants the workers to mark important dates for April on their calendars. While the speaker does mention the staff meeting on the 7th, he doesn’t set the agenda, so choice a is not the best choice. Choice b is not the correct answer because the memo mentions two meetings. Choice d is also incorrect.

72. d. The speaker says, “On the 16th there will be a representative here from our insurance provider. He will discuss changes to our health insurance packages.” The other topics are mentioned in the speech, but not in reference to the insurance representative.

73. b. The speaker says, “Please prepare a brief report on your department’s current project for the April 21st meeting.” None of the other answers is mentioned as something that should be brought to the meeting.

74. d. The announcement is being made in an office. It is addressed to the staff and lists the preparations that those working in the office must make for the office’s early closure. While the message does mention the weather service warning, it is unlikely that a message like this would be heard on a weather service hotline.

75. c. The main message in the announcement is that the office is closing. It then tells the staff what precautions to take. The message does not mention that the computer network is down or that the office was hit by a tornado, making choices a and b incorrect. The announcement does ask employees to drive safely, but that is not the main message of the announcement, so choice d is not the best choice.

76. a. Nowhere in the announcement does it mention making hard copies of work as a precaution. The announcement says, “Please shut down and unplug all computers and other major electronic equipment. Please take home your laptops, the emergency calling procedures from your employee handbook, and any perishable food you may have in the refrigerators,” which does ask workers to take the precautions mentioned in choices b, c, and d.

77. c. The message is from a supplier. A supplier is what you call anyone from whom you order the necessary materials to do a job. The supplier is delivering a message about a product that will ship the next day and one that is  on backorder, but is not calling from the shipping company, so choice b is not correct. She is not in charge of receiving the item; she is in charge of sending it, so choice a is also incorrect.

78. b. Pamela is calling about is an item that is out of stock. The rest of the order will ship tomorrow, so choice a is not a good choice. Pamela says that she has adjusted the billing statement, so choice c is not a good choice. The message doesn’t mention a change in shipping rates, so the answer is not choice d.

79. a. Pamela says, “Please call me back at 972-772-8301 at your convenience to confirm that you have received this message, and to let me know if you want to cancel the backordered item or have it shipped at the later date.” None of the other answers is given as a reason that she needs her call returned, so choices b, c, and d are incorrect.

80. b. The announcement begins, “Would the owner of a green minivan, license plate number XHB-78S4 please report to the north parking lot immediately?” The problem involves a delivery truck, but the announcement is not directed to the delivery truck, so the answer is not choice a. The message does not mention the unloading dock workers, so the answer is not choice c. Only one car is causing the problem and the message is directed at the owner of one car, so the answer is not choice d.

81. d. The problem is that a van is illegally parked. While the message threatens to tow the van if it is not moved, it has not yet been towed so the answer is not choice a. The announcement does not mention a car with its lights on or an emergency on the loading dock, so choices b and c are also incorrect.

82. b. The announcement says, “Failure to move your vehicle in the next ten minutes will result in towing and possible fines.” The announcement does not mention parking assignments, injuries, or the loss of a job as possible consequences of the situation, so choices c, a, and d are not right.

83. b. The recording is on a technical support line for a software company. People usually call technical support when they are having problems with technology or equipment. Technical support personnel do not handle invoices, registration of products, or sales, so choices a, c, and d are incorrect.

84. d. The message says, “You will be asked for the license number of your product. Please have this information on hand.” The message does not mention that the caller needs a statement, a registration agreement, or a reference number for an order, so choices a, b, and c are incorrect.

85. a. The message says, “Your approximate wait time is nine minutes.” English uses the word about to show approximation or estimation. Choice b gives an exact rather than an approximate time.

86. c. The talk is from the introductory speech at the convocation for a conference. It begins, “Welcome to our 12th Annual Regional Conference on Municipal Water Quality.” The other answers are incorrect, as they are not mentioned  in the speech.

87. b. The speaker says, “The workshop entitled the ‘The Future of Chlorine’ has been postponed. Due to the floods in Indianapolis, our presenter’s flight was delayed.” The speaker makes no indication that this workshop was canceled or moved, so choices a and c are incorrect. The scheduling of the workshop was not a result of the flooding, so choice d is also incorrect.

88. d. The speaker says that the workshop called “Piping Solutions” has changed locations. The workshop called “The  Future of Chlorine” was postponed, so the answer is not choice c. The other two workshops were not mentioned in the speech.

89. b. The speaker congratulates the whole staff on the success and commends everyone’s work. Such expressions are neither selfimportant nor critical, so choices a and c are incorrect. Choice d is not a good one because someone usually takes a consoling tone when trying to make some one feel better about something bad that has happened; this is a happy situation, with no need for consoling.

90. d. The speaker is talking about an overall increase in sales for the quarter. Choices a and b both refer only to the  month of October, which is a small part of what he is reporting on. Choice c is incorrect because the company actually did meet its sales goals.

91. c. The speaker says, “Thank you for your hard work. To celebrate, the company will provide lunch for the whole staff on Friday.” None of the other choices is mentioned in the speech, so choices a, b, and d are incorrect.

92. b. The message says, “This is an automated message,” which means a recording. The message does not mention being from the bank president or a loan officer, who would probably not call about irregular account activity, so choices c and d are not correct answer choices.

93. d. The message says “we are calling to inform you of irregular account activity taking place on October 2.” The message does not mention insufficient funds, an exceeded credit limit, or a stolen credit card, so choices a, b, and c are incorrect.

94. a. The message asks that the listener to call to authorize the purchase. The message doesn’t mention an incorrect purchase order, so choice b is not a good choice. The message also does not ask the listener to make a deposit or pay a fee, so choices c and d are also incorrect.

95. b. The announcement says, “Attention, passengers waiting to board Flight 472 to Baltimore.” Passengers usually  wait to board a plane in the airport. Choice a is incorrect because the passengers are not yet on the plane. Such messages would probably not be heard in a train station or on the radio, so choices c and d are incorrect.

96. c. It is snowing heavily in Baltimore, as the announcement indicates by saying, “due to heavy snowfall in the Baltimore area, Flight 472 has been canceled.” Light snow and clear conditions would not cause a flight cancellation, and the message does not mention rain at all, so the other choices are incorrect.

97. d. The announcement asks that passengers “turn in [their] boarding passes at the desk for a voucher that [they] can use on the rescheduled flight or another flight.” The other answer choices are not consistent with this part of the message and so are incorrect.

98. a. A briefing is a short talk or update that gives directions and details. The speaker is giving a briefing about the reports. A rant is an angry, impassioned speech, so choice b is not right. The speaker also doesn’t seem to be giving a strategy or projections about the future, so choices c and d are also incorrect.

99. c. The speaker makes clear that the report should not have any images when he says, “Please do not include any images, or unnecessary graphs or charts.” The speaker does ask that the reports contain success stories and projections, so choices a and b are both incorrect choices. The speaker only asks that unnecessary graphs be excluded from the report, so the answer is not choice d.

100. c. The speaker gives instructions “to turn in a hard copy and a copy saved to a CD.” The other answers are inconsistent with these directions and so are wrong.